Ashley Adams

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  • August 7, 1996
  • Tampa, FL, USA
  • 123lb
  • 5'9"
  • 36D-24-35


To the untrained eye, Ashley Adams is just a normal teen, going to the mall, having sleepovers, and taking selfies. But to a discerning voyeur, this busty beauty is a total sex-bomb! With her pretty brown eyes, sweet smile, and polite manner, Ashley's got that girl-next-door thing down pat. You could take her to meet your parents and eat an entire meal without them having any idea that Ashley was giving you some epic road-head on the way to their house.

But the fun doesn't stop at blowjobs. This naughty nymph is into some pretty wild and kinky stuff, including public sex, gangbangs, bondage, and even a little electricity. Like the extreme sub that she is, Ashley gets off on a little pain, especially in the nipple department. Not a scene gets by her without a little titty twisting, and even the sweetest most romantic scripts are peppered with pinching and slapping!

Ashley has only been in the business for a few months, but this gorgeous gal already has the popularity of an all-star. Everyone loves a fresh face, and all new models enjoy their first rush, but compared to Miss Adams's notoriety, these wannabes are a few likes short of a meme. This stunning starlet is in high demand, and it probably has something to do with her natural DDDs. It's not often that a teen comes around sporting a rack like Ashley's, but when they do, the world is captivated by those bouncing boobies. So check out all her hotter than hot scenes today, right here in the videos below!

Aliases : Ashley Adams

Photos: Meet The Nudists Part 2 photo Meet The Nudists Part 2 photo Meet The Nudists Part 2 photo Meet The Nudists Part 2 photo

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