Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith's details

  • July 3, 1995
  • New York, NY, USA
  • 86lb
  • 5'3"
  • 30D-23-32


There's something special about the way Janice Griffith approaches her scenes. It's as if she taking every character and bringing her to life. Whether she's adapting a popular novel for the steamy screen or playing a blushing bride getting ready for her grooms dick, this smoldering star pulls fans into the fantasy and makes porn an art.

With her wide vibrant smile and flawless face, Janice entices any guy she wants, including the legendary Keiran Lee, who enjoyed the pleasure of lifting her ultra petite frame and spreading her flexible slender legs in DP's own 50 Ways to Fuck, a scene you surely won't want to miss! In this popular parody of the bestselling erotica novel, Keiran demonstrates just how memorable Janice's body is, as he maneuvers her into some spectacularly acrobatic positions so strange they don't even have names.

When she's off set, Janice's love affair with the porn-star life style continues. Boasting over one hundred thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram, this gorgeous lady exhibits her extraordinary talent as a photographer at every opportunity, taking sexy selfies for the entire world to see. Since 2013, Janice Griffith has been inundating fans with her undeniable sex appeal on multiple mediums, receiving massive amounts of attention from fans and industry greats alike.

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