Chad White

Chad White's details

  • August 5, 1988
  • 178lb
  • 6'0"


One thing can be said of Chad White: both literally and figuratively, this dude's got some seriously big balls. An adrenaline junkie who loves living life on the edge, Chad prefers to go all-in, whether he's shredding some powder on his snowboard, practicing martial arts, or balls deep between a horny babe's legs. And with a mindset like that, it's no surprise that even White's dick size is extreme!

Having always been quite the ladies man, this natural charmer has never had a problem attracting chicks thanks to his broad chest, bulging biceps, and rock-hard abs. But as it turns out, more than anything, it's his enormous rock-hard cock that ladies like best! Since making his pornographic debut in 2008, Chad's bulging package and badass attitude have been captivating the hearts of horny women around the world, including some of the loveliest ladies in the industry. From his penchant for eating pussy to his exceptional cocksmanship, White always gives his 100%, especially when it cums to giving gals pleasure.

Along with knowing that thousands of people at any given time are watching him bang hot broads on screen, Chad gets his adrenaline fix by doing just about every thrilling activity you can imagine, from firing rounds at the shooting range to deep sea diving. So don't miss Chad White's pussy slaying performances 'cause with a bulky stud this intense, you know you can always count on him for some explosive hardcore action!

Aliases : Chad White

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