Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee's details

  • January 15, 1984
  • Derby, England, UK
  • 178lb
  • 6'0"


Love him or hate him, Keiran Lee is one of the hardest working studs in porn. With more than a thousand scenes under his belt, it's safe to assume that if you've watched porn, you've watched Mr. Lee. His British mug has shown up everywhere from billboards to daytime television, and his brand is so profitable that Brazzers has taken out a 1 million dollar insurance package on that notorious cock of his. Suffice it to say, Keiran's a pretty big deal.

But, he wasn't always the porn king pin he is today. At 20, Mr. Lee was a humble railway worker, scrubbing graffiti off the side of box cars or just slacking off in the caboose. It looked like this was it for him, until a friend changed his life forever. While banging a broad he met at the club, Keiran was unaware that his dirty deed was being caught on camera and that the tape would soon find its way to the internet. At first, he was furious, but when he received a call from a top XXX director, this bloke from Derby changed his tone.

These days he's living the dream, fucking a fresh face or a hot MILF almost every day! Any man with a brain in his head would kill for just one day in Keiran's shoes, but sorry gents, this British hunk wouldn't trade his good fortune for the world. He's already been nominated for a bunch of AVNs, married a few of porn's hottest ladies and made his directorial debut, right here on Digital Playground. Showing no signs of slowing down, Keiran is at the top of his gain and at this pace he could become the next Ron Jeremy in no time!

Aliases : Keiran Lee

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