Tyler Nixon

Tyler Nixon's details

  • July 8, 1987
  • Redondo Beach, CA, USA
  • 154lb
  • 5'7"


As talented at riding babes as he is at riding waves, Tyler Nixon's easygoing, surfer dude attitude has made him a fan favorite among men and women alike. The kind of bro that guys want to hang with and gals want to fuck, this brawny beach bum has an ordinary, every-man look that's rare in the world of porn. But judging by his legions of fans and the chemistry he creates with each of his cock-hungry co-stars, that's exactly why the ladies love him!

Growing up against the hot and heavenly backdrop of Southern California, Tyler's never been shy about stripping down and seizing the day. So when he was approached by an adult talent scout and needed some extra cash for college, there was no way this well-hung hunk could say no! And if Tyler was looking for a sign that getting into porn was the right thing to do, he definitely got one at his very first shoot. He was actually coincidentally paired up with a babe he used to go to high school with, and she ended up introducing him to a high profile adult modeling agency. Talk about fate! Since making his pornographic debut in 2012 at the age of 24, this professional pussy slayer's gained a reputation for creating genuine connections with his leading ladies, making his dames drip with desire in every one of his scenes. His performances have been so compellingly cum-worthy, in fact, that he's even been nominated for multiple awards, including the AVN awards for Best Male Newcomer and Favorite Male Porn Star!

Though Tyler's shot to erotic stardom and shows no signs of slowing down, he's still the same laid-back, fun-loving surfer he's always been. When he's not busy banging broads on set, Tyler can be found crushing it on his board, whether he's catching a wave or carving up some fresh snow. So to see this humble stud surf his own big, throbbing board over some of the hottest starlets in the biz, don't miss his explosive sex scenes below!

Aliases : Tyler Nixon

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